21 yrs old .. true rocker ..guitarist.. from Bombay...India ..wanna be frndz with travellers around the globe ... study their mindsets ... their real goals .. and their achievements that are real massive then materialistic successessssss.

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dumbrocker everything is superosome about your world tour planning guys.... even i wish to travel such countries to study the music culture and traditions and ofcourse the nature's diversity...but i wish i had that much of money...lol..still im 21 n wud be workin hard on saving money to travel around tha globe....u guys are special ....if you need any help while travelling within India...write me back at (undefined7048@gmail.com) ...atleast i'll be with you guys while you all are in India...\m/..
Marcia stacey
Marcia stacey Hey so sorry in late response.
7 years ago
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How long is the meandering Great Wall of China?

Trivia: How long is the meandering Great Wall of China?


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