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Duvvy Hey beautiful people. My name is Daniel and I will be in Tanzania volunteering with IVHQ from April 1st-July 1st, 2013. I have an itch to climb Kili and have been in contact with a couple people who can find me and future hiking buddies a great deal if there is a group of us. It is best to get rid of the "middle man" and to get in contact with someone who lives in Arusha and who can find use teh best prices from the most reputable organization. Luckily, I think I might have found it. So if anyone is interested during the time that I will be going, I would love to hear from you. Cheers.
Melody Hey what route are you taking? Myself and a couple others are looking at Lemosho between June 27 - July 8. We would also like a bigger group for better deals .
5 years ago
MAD We have a group going on June 19-July 2: http://www.gomadnow.org/events/kilimanjaro.php You would get to volunteer at an orphanage and go on safari as well (if you want to exclude either that is fine too!) Let me know if you are interested!!
5 years ago
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