I am a very indecisive & ambitious young woman at the ripe age of 21 years. I love to try new things and meet cool people! I'm currently studying abroad in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

I can't seem to decide what I ultimately want to do with my life because I want to do so much all at once they just keep getting in the way of each other!

Most important thing to know is probably that I find life very enjoyable and I try to make the most out of it and stay keen! I have my stressed moments (more often than I'd like) but I do my best to stay positive! What you give out, you get back... Karma.

I LOVE people who are naturally hilarious! As well as being in crazy, fun situations. Times and people like that always bring out the best in me! My humor is more of a situational kind of humor, I laugh more at how people tell jokes or funny situations instead of the usual jokes- so if I bust out laughing randomly and everyone's confused.. that's the culprit!

Couldn't live without music, singing, and dancing. addicted to chocolate. thrive off intellectual conversations, traveling, cooking, and learning. It's real easy to judge me right off the bat but I'm pretty positive the surprises will keep on comin'!

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