I'm a 20 year old Michigan student of French and Spanish whose original trip to France was cancelled. I'm looking for a two week trip to at least France and Spain and maybe Portugal. Where else doesn't bother me. I'm interested in all forms of travel including couch surfing. I'm limited by my real life situation on how much time I can vacation; two weeks is the absolute max I could do. I'd like to travel in late June, July, or early August, preferably.

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edbecker52 I'm also looking to go to Europe this summer. We could meet up later in June, I can't leave that early. I want to go most to France and Spain but Portugal definitely too. Would be fun to do Portugal together! I only have two weeks if that!
edbecker52 Hi, I'm also a 20 year old student from Michigan looking for someone to go with on a flexible 2 week+- trip to Europe!
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7 years ago
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