I'm 30 and keen to go on an around the world trip next year (from Summer 2013). I have previously travelled some of Central and South America and now want to complete seeing the rest of South America including Bolivia, Argentina, Chilie, Brazil, Columbia (approx 4 months)...I then want to head to Australia and New Zealand (2 months) and then onto Asia (6 months). My trip is still in the planning stages but would be great to meet people who might be aiming to travel to the same places and interested in travelling some of the route with me.
I am a relaxed and easy going person who enjoys having fun and meeting new people. I enjoy doing new things and in my last trip enjoyed diving, snorkelling, horse riding, bridge swinging, rock climbing, white water rafting and absailing over waterfalls.

Message me if you are interested perhaps in travelling with me or have any recommendations for any of my intended destinations!!

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