Exploring the world and get to know more cultures, and not from a textbook but by meeting people.


I'm open-minded and cheerful person.


I was brought up as a Catholic but very broad-minded. I am a ferm believer of karma. But don't worry, I respect every faith or no faith. Are you interested? Just ask my about my perspective on things. :)


baking, photografie, movies, camping, events

Music, Movies, and Books

I am a huge movie fan! In the Netherlands there is a cinema that offers a special subscription that offers you the chance to see every movie that comes to the cinema. I not only love the mainstream but also the arthouse movies. As far as music, I love to listen to anything from pop to folk and everything in between. The type of books that i love are the books based on a true story.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

The best experience so far is, i've traveled to New York City. I dreamed of it ever since i was young and it was amazing!

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Emmw.89 I had the plan to visit eastern europe this summer on a budget.
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3 years ago
Emmw.89 I have almost the same plan. But I prefer going through easters europe. I don't have a travel buddy yet so.
Emmw.89 I want to do the same thing, but this summer. Did you already go?
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In which Moroccan city must all buildings be red?

Trivia: In which Moroccan city must all buildings be red?