Hey guys! Graduating Uni and travelling Europe for the summer. I am travelling may 9-july 27. may 11-may 26 I am doing a surf camp in Faro, Portugal. After that I am back packing all over. Plan to stay in hostels. If anyone is interested at meeting up at any points, let me know! Friend bailed so going solo haha.

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erik hey! I am def interested in meeting up at one point :)! I am going to Europe from May 9-July 27. I just graduated and something I need to do haha. Friends bailed so going completely solo :P Be good to meet up with some people!
erik hey!! I am travelling Europe this summer as well. From may 9-July 27. I am interested at meeting up at one point! Let me know!
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11 months ago
erik hey! Just posted a trip for Europe as well. Do you know what dates you are going? I am going may 9-july 27 if anyone is down to meet up at one point!
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