Florin George Bana

In 2008, after a 20 years military career within Romanian mountain troops, I have started running my own business as a freelance mountain guide and national tour leader. From very beginning, I decided to use all my experience and knowledge to provide the highest level of guiding services and safety of all my friends(don't forget: that means you!). I am married and I have a daughter. I speak English fluently.

I am registered to the Trade Registry at position F8/530/2011 (C.U.I -Unique Registration Number-28507349).


I have planned and led mountain tours for groups of tourists from UK, USA, Australia, France, Israel, Ukraine, Mexic and South Africa;
In 2009 and 2010 I was involved in planning and running ACF Oxfordshire Cadets Expeditions in Fagaras Mountains;
In April 2011 I've joined KEGS (King Edward VI Grammar School-Chelmsford, Essex-UK) expedition in Morocco;
Two other KEGS expeditions in Romania are ongoing: Summer Trip-July 2011 in Fagaras Mountains and Snowshoeing Trip-February 2012 within Carpathians'Bend Mountains;
I have provided advisory and I have prepared tentative tours for Far Frontiers and Outlook Expeditions (UK);

Tourism and Travel Qualifications:

Qualified as Travel Agent / Local Tour Guide;
Qualified as National Tour Guide (Tour Operator) - (license 3820);
Qualified as National Mountain Guide - (license 3812);

International Mountaineering Training:

US Special Forces Mountaineering Master Trainer Course, 1997, Fort Carson, Colorado, USA(qualified as Mountaineering Master Trainer level 2);
Military Ski Trainers Course, 2000, Saalfelden, AUSTRIA;
Avalanche Training Course, 2003, Andermatt, SWITZERLAND;


Most of the summits with elevations over 2000m from Southern Carpathians;
Pikes Peak (4302m) and Mount Rosa Peak (3505m), Colorado, USA;
Gemsstock (2963m) and Winterhorn (2660m), SWITZERLAND;
Snowdon Horseshoe, North Wales, UK;
Dades Valley, MOROCCO;

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Florin George Bana
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Florin George Bana

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