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Grey I love how you have the risk as 3.. If you need anyone to show you around this Emerald warzone let me know. It can be expensive but unless your doing some serious spending your budget is very high. either ay i hope you enjoy your trip.
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7 years ago
Sahara Hi Grey, To be honest with you I randomly entered a rough estimate when creating this trip. I am just trying to meet people who are interested in joining me or showing me around. I would love for you to show me around and any advice is much appreciated. Thank you :)
7 years ago
freddy must be taking about the glasgow... community of drinkers and really dangerous...joke :P . if you are lucky and here on time, you could join some bikers (who are followed in cars that keeps the tents and food) i know that do highland tours in summer. anyway best of luck and yes, it can be high cost in eangland as you coming in time for the olympics!!!
6 years ago
freddy hey, how is it going? You travelling by trains or flight? Travelling in europe is fairly easy and cheap in the big cities. but if you want to visit the non-tourist places then it depends.
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