I have been traveling quite extensively around just a few areas including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Morocco, South Africa, Reunion island, South-East Asia and Australia.

My main focus is to travel with a focus on a certain kind of travel whether it's about linguistics, food, outdoor sports, alternative travel or medicine, wildlife...

You can find herein most of my past adventures:

The most famous trek in France (GR20 in Corsica island for 8 days).
The Drakensberg Escarpment in South Africa for a week.

Toublak in Morocco with ice-axe and crampions (4167m)
Dômes de Miage roped party in Mont-Blanc (3674m)
Vieux Chaillol in Ecrins (3163m)
Piton des Neiges in Reunion island (3070m)

Hiking organisation up to 25 people on weekends in Reunion island (during my 8 months there)
Hiking organisation around French and Italian Alps during 5 months for international travelers (Haute-Savoie, Vanoise, Ecrins, Mercantour, Beaufortain, Gran Paradiso)
GR21, Albâtre coast in Normandy, France (5 days)
High and Low Tatras (5 days)
Picos de Europa, Spain (a few days)
Bobotov Kuk, Durmitor NP, Montenegro (2 days)
Camel trekking in Erg Chebbi, Morocco (for 2 days)
Sardegna, Italy (Supramonte, Cala Luna canyon,…)
Cinque Terre, Italy
Etna in Sicily, Italy

Walk all around Mallorca island with a hammock, Spain (1 month)
Walk all around Jersey island with a tent, (10 days)
Walk all around Belle-île-en-Mer, France (3 days)

Sierra de Guara and Monte Perdido, Spain (15 days / 17 canyons)
Nice backcountry, France (13 days / 16 canyons)
Bauges, France (1 day / 2 canyons)
Blyde River Canyon, South Africa (a day)

Portes du Soleil, largest not-linked ski area in the world – 650 km of marked pistes (seasonnal worker for 4 months)
3 Vallées, largest not-linked ski area in the world – 600 km of marked pistes (seasonnal worker for 5 months)
Lesotho, Africa

Speed-riding in Avoriaz ski resort
Ski-joering in Avoriaz ski resort
Snow-shoe in Avoriaz and Menuires ski resorts

One-week course around Annecy lake (went over the lake 5 times on my own).
Skydiving in Slovakia from 3000 meter high.

About thirty via-ferrata in France, Spain and Italy (Haute-Savoie, Savoie, Hautes-Alpes, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes, Isère, Drôme, Monistrol de Montserrat close to Barcelona, Dolomites in Italy)

1000 km bike trip along the South-African coast (3 weeks)
Hundreds km alon the Loire river
Loire river and its canals around Nevers and Morvan lakes (3 days)
Biking Isère river
Biking around Paris (2 days)
MTB in Drôme
Biking from Vienna to Bratislava allong the Danube

25.000 kms around the Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland.
More than 10.000 kms around Spain and Portugal.
5.000 kms around Corsica and Sardegna.
4.000 kms around South Africa.
2.000 kms around Morocco.
1.000 kms around Slovakia and Ukraine.

More than 15.000 km hitchhiking throughout Western and Eastern Europe and about a thousand in South Africa.

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Frederic974 the canyon treks are with rappel and so on? neopren gear?
davyvr No they're just hiking, I'm not into climbing or anything alike.
8 years ago
Frederic974 are you into canyoning and caving apart from trekking? I am interested in these 3 activities and I am looking for a buddy.
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