I am 24 years old male, love adventures love to travel love to meet people.
Speak few languages like English (Native), Chinese (intermediate), Russian (Intermediate), Malay (Native)

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dreamer217 Hello! I am doing the trans-mongolia around the same period too!!! I will be reaching St Peterburg on 5 July, leaving to Moscow on 7th July, then 11 July to Yekaterinburg, then stay short 1 night, 12th July to Irkust, 3 nights, then go to Ulan Ude, and turn into Mongolia from there. So far i only fix my St Peterburg & Moscow schedule caused i have already booked the tickets. Otherwise m still planning on the trip! Maybe we can meet at some points?
Gohyx1 Hey, I'm sorry we wont be leaving out for our trip until 19th July. We will be trekking a few mountains in the Altai for a week. Don't think we'll be able to meet man :S
7 years ago
Gohyx1 Hi I hope to go on a similar trip this coming July. I have did it before 2 years ago and it was simply awesome :D
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