I loooove to travel... trying to make a career out of it actually (We'll see how that goes). I also love photography and any trip where I can take my camera works for me.

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Carla Hi all - anyone had much experience with working holiday through Europe? I am interested to backpack around Europe and work along the way (to fund travels, but experience the local culture) but not really sure how easy/hard this is. Unfortunately I am not fluent in any other languages, so I realise this rules out a number of countries, but interested to hear others experiences. I have a British passport so as far as I know that opens up the EU. Thoughts...?
Region | Eastern Europe Travel Forum 8 years ago
ulrike It can be tough not knowing the language, but the flipside is that you learn the language very quickly. If you're interested in learning another language (highly recommended), maybe it's worth jumping in the deep end :)
8 years ago
comehikewithmike Yes, I agree. Immersion can be challenging, but a great way to learn a new language.
8 years ago
Hannah I think if you are going to want to work in a non-English speaking country it would be best to know someone already living there so they can help you out, hopefully they have connections. If you don't know anyone you should really look into a group or club or something that can hook you up... otherwise you might get very frustrated and lonely and end up hating the place. It is hard for some people but maybe you'll be lucky :) Oh a great idea is to go to one pub or bar whatever every night and get to know the owners (hopefully English speaking) and act really sad that you don't have a job... this might guilt them into offering you one :P
8 years ago
stuarth Eastern (EX BLOC) Is full of very well educated young folk, with great work ethics, witness this by looking at how easily Poles Czechs get work in UK over the masses of semiliterate young there but if you have a good personality and I am sure you do, then thats a big plus, hotels in Austria, near main airorts are a start. Working in a pub in Germany or france or any other country you to need to speak the language On BBC there are free lessons in German, French I encourage you, same as I encourage my sons, so far they have not made effort:)) so they are in for a shoch, Also you may try crew on superyachts, it is hard work, look for English boat, plenty of websites on that topic
8 years ago
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