21-year old student from Sweden who loves music, dancing until the sun rises, meeting new people and all kinds of adventures. Needs to see more of the world as soon as possible, and I'm starting with an interrail trip around Europe summer 2014. It would be really awesome with some travelling company, please message me if you're interested in joining.

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Hannah-li Hello! I'm planning to go interrailing in Europe in july. My plans are still quite flexible, but I'm planning to start from Berlin and get to Amsterdam, Prague and Paris along the way. It would be really awesome with some company, so feel free to contact me with your plans!
Tiia I start my journey 13.7! First to Strasbourg and then anything :) where you will be then?
11 months ago
Hannah-li Hi! This really sounds like the thing I'd like to do this summer as well. Is there a facebook group/email group (like the posts below says) where I can find more information/talk a little bit more to you guys?
Mghaf Was an FB group made? I'd like to know more about this as well :)
12 months ago
Tomr89 Hi everyone, I'm looking to interail around this time too. Looking at Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Italy. Anyone got similar plans? Cheers, Tom.
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1 year ago
Hannah-li Hi! I have quite similar plans that you have, even though mine are still very flexible. I'm planning to head out in the beginning of july and stay for 3-4 weeks. I'm planning to start in Berlin and then get to Amsterdam and Prague before continuing to Croatia, Italy and France. You're very welcome to contact me for more information! Cheers
12 months ago
Hannah-li Hi! I'm a 21 year old student from Sweden who's planning to do pretty much the same thing as you are, it sounds awesome! Send me an email with your plans if you're interested in travelling company. hannahlithner@hotmail.com
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