Helen and Josh

A couple that is always looking for the next adventure, both self employed and work remotely allowing us to take it to the next level and travel around Europe and eventually America for the next 2 years.

We see this new chapter as opportunity to meet new people, be inspired and discover new places.

We try to spend a month in each country. So far we have visited France(Paris), London, Iceland, Bulgaria (1 month in Sofia and 1 month in Bankso), Austria(1 week in Vienna), Hungary, Croatia (1 week in Zagreb, 1 month in Split)

After travelling for the last 7 months on our own as couple, we would love to have some new people to start joining our trips to create a new atmosphere! Whether to enjoy La Tomatina in Spain in August or to drink beers during Oktoberfest in September! We are open to new Ideas and travelling with new faces would be so great!

A little about us.

An active person that enjoys the outdoors and learning new things! Whether it be sports, languages, cooking or music he is always happy to join in. Being fortunate enough to work remotely he likes to travel and see as much as he can, finding new places to put down his laptop.

More of a creative type, fashion orientated and runs her own Headwear and Styling Label. She is always looking for new inspiration and what better way to do this than by travelling. Always keen to organise photography projects around the world and create beautiful images. With her bubbly personality she loves meeting and talking with new people.

We look forward to our new adventures and the possibility of sharing them with you.

See you soon,
Josh & Helen.

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Helen and Josh
Helen and Josh Hi! You will love this! My partner and I did the same thing in December. Iceland Roadtrip is fantastic! You can see images from our trip on my Instagram with Geo tags if you need any ideas on what to see :) We are also travelling around the world and are from Australia too! If you wanted to meet up at some point and see some countries together we would love that! We will be in Italy in June and considering visiting Spain in August for La Tomatina as well as Germany in September for Octoberfest. We are pretty flexible and open to ideas! Would love to hear from you! Helen and Josh.
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2 years ago
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Helen and Josh

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