I’ve recently graduated with a law degree from King’s College London, and have decided to pursue my favourite interest – TRAVELLING! :)

I’m from London & my heritage is Italian, Argentinian & Polish. I speak 5 languages (english, italian, spanish, french, polish). I dance salsa and love enjoying myself with positive, relaxed people! I love studying philosophy – the philosophers I find most interesting are: Kant, Foucault, Hegel, Kojeve, Rousseau.

In general, I’m an open-minded and humble, genuine person. I love getting to know people from all walks of life and don’t discriminate against anyone!

My plan has been delayed by a month (from what I previously wrote). This is the rough plan, but it is flexible!

My plan is to travel Latin America =

Nov 13: Argentina > Brazil >
Dec 13: Argentina > Chile >
January 14: Peru >
February 14: Ecuador > Colombia >
March 14: Panama > Costa Rica >
April 14: Puerto Rico > Dominican Republic >
May 14: Cuba > Home!

Again, very flexible with timing - this is a rough guide!

Feel free to shoot me a message if you’d like to join me or I could join you, as I’m looking for travel buddies on my trip!!

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Helenitaaa Hey Madyson! I'm Helena, 21 from London, UK! I'm doing Latin America, starting in October 2013 until July 2014!! This is my post if you want to see all the details: http://globetrooper.com/latin-america-2013-2014 I'm interested in starting from Argentina and working my way up! Let me know if you wanna travel together :) hsilenzi@hotmail.com
Helenitaaa Hey! I'm travelling around the same time as you to Latin America! Starting in Argentina... check out my post :) http://globetrooper.com/latin-america-2013-2014
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