I`m Ida, 19 years old and from germany!!
I`ve been living in new zealand since 4 months now and in janurary I want to go to the north island...are you interessted to join me??

Just sennd a mail


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divya Hi Ida Hope you are well. My name is Divya Agarwal, and I found your trip on GlobeTrooper. Are you going to be in New Zealand during you travels? I am looking for 2-3 travel companions to join my New Zealand adventure, Dec 27-Jan 5. I will be on the road exploring both the north and south island. A little about me...I am a 26 year-old graduate student at MIT/Harvard in the states. I am going to Fiji/Vanuatu for January for a research project, and I want to spend the beginning part of my trip in NZ. Message me if you are keen and we can chat details. Cheers, Divya
Ida hey divya, thanks for your comment!! Yeah I`m defenattly going to be here during my travels, I´m gonna get an other job as well to earn a bit travelmoney :) When nexactly are you planning on visiting the north island of nz?? Hope to hear from you soon
7 years ago
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