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Life, and its ending one minutes at the moment. A stinging thematic message that always push me to go beyond to enjoy life in freedom. Traveling and adventure is a similarity of being Freedom, at least for me.worlds is a book and those that not travel, read only one page” a quote from St. Augustine that drive me out to read page by page as much as possible. Discover who am I is about go out to discover the planet that I am living on, I come to understand the real me is not my job, how much money I got…how cool I am. At moments when I found my self on every trip I had, it’s always reminded me that I am free, I can be nothing but myself. A solid reason that drive me to live my dream for years to travel around the world.

Round the World

Round the World
I plan to leave around January, and wish to cover Australia, New Zeland, Dubhai and a bit of Malaysia, open to covering some mo... more
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indra anakindo

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