Hi everyone, my name is Iulia and I'm currently in final year at uni in the UK. I really want to do some travelling after my graduation next summer (2013), before I start to work in September.

Looking to go for about a month either in Asia or South America, nothing too fancy, just to have fun, meet nice people and explore various cultures.

My friends are skimmed so got no one to travel with :(

Do let me know if you have anything planned in July/August 2013!

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Iulia Hey Abby would really like to do something similar, from about 10th of July tho (not sure when my graduation is). I speak Spanish and love to volunteer! Have worked with children in the UK and really enjoyed it. I'd also be flying from here, let me know if you're still planning this!
Doria Hi! I live in Mexico and actually i have my summer free and i am planning to travel somewhere around my country cause there is always something new to discover here in Mexico. I am planning to do some type of volunteering too and also i will like to take a few days relaxing on a beach as in Cancun or Playa del Carmen. If both are still on planning to come i will like to join you
6 years ago
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