Jake Mair

I'm twenty years old from a town called Inverurie in Scotland, and despite an overwhelming urge to explore and discover, I've not yet been abroad. I've recently come by a substantial amount of money and hope to quench my thirst for exploration and discovery by travelling across Europe, Asia and Africa, immersing myself in the local cultures and visiting natural and historic sites in each of the beautiful countries through which I'll be travelling.

Mainly because my decision making isn't up to scratch and I'll need someone to help decide what to do next, I'd love for someone (or some people), to be a part of this journey. If you're interested, please message me - if nobody has messaged me by the end of January then I'll travel myself, but will be willing to meet people along the way.

Also, people around my age is preferred.

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Jake Mair

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Name Jake Mair
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