I'm Jamie, I'm 20 and just about to finish a law degree (yawn), and now I'm desperate to have some adventure before real life kicks in! I've travelled a bit before, but I've been saving up for a while as I've always wanted to travel around SE Asia. I'm laid back, pretty funny and I love to cook, drink, dance and have a good time!!

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Jamie Hi Luke, just discovered this site but I’ve been planning to go to SE Asia for a while now. I finish uni in June and am working till September, I was thinking of leaving in October and travelling around for 6-7 months. I’ve travelled a bit but want to have am looking for some adventure/cultural immersion. If you’re still interested in a travel partner then contact me.
Bianca Hello, I too am interested in South East Asia, particularly Thailand. I wouldnt stay as long as you but I am still interested in your trip :)
5 years ago
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