Travel, live life unplanned, expect nothing, accept everything.

After working in the Corporate World for 7 years in Perth and New York, it was time to hang up the suits and leave the big egos behind to become a full time traveller. I wanted to get back to simplicity, nature, and have that sense of adventure that humbles us as human beings in this beautiful world we live. I set out to create experiences that are more wholesome, richer (in a spiritual sense), and meaningful compared to the materialistic society that I used to be surrounded by. I have been exploring and living in different cultures and communities to see if they are happy or suffering?, whether their lifestyles are sustainable or not?, and learn about the aspects of each that resonate with me. Meeting local people and having these conversations are what I value most. Life is about the people you meet, and the moments you create with them. Couple that with amazing landscapes and environments and all of a sudden it feels right… it feels natural.

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Trivia: This flag represents which country?