I'm 30 years old and live in California (grew up in Ohio). I am an extremely easy going low-maintenance person. I could travel for months with just a backpack and no plans and be content. I've been through some challenging times in life so just really grateful to have an amazing job and the time and money to travel right now. I am a well rounded person and like to do just about anything. I try to find good in everything and everyone. Life is short so it's so much better to live with a positive attitude and make the best of everything. The best things in life can't be bought and the best moments are those random times when you create fun and laughter out of nothing.

I haven't been too fortunate in having friends that want to travel or can afford it so would love to find a travel buddy.

I prefer to do budget travel, staying in hostels, etc. Not big on partying and drinking. I'll occasionally have a drink but I don't travel around the world to spend time partying...way to many better things to be doing and seeing!

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