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JeremyH I am a photographer and am looking for some great places to photograph. I came to this site looking for something similar to what you are doing. I need a break from my real profession in the medical field. I am 34 with little to no experience traveling the world, which is why I need to travel with a group. However I have a lot of experience with outdoor adventures. Mountain climbing, rafting, hiking, camping, ect. I would be interested in learning more about your plans.
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4 years ago
Damian Hi Jeremy, photography is one of interest as well. And outdoor adventure is a passion. I just started indoor rock climbing. I'm far from ready to do it in the real world though. I skydive and scuba dive and one of my desires is to do it around the world as I travel. I'll send you my personal info next.
3 years ago
JeremyH I would be interested in learning more about your plans. I am looking for travel partners. I am really laid back and very adventurous.
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