My name is Josh and I am currently in an interim period between Feb and September prior to joining the British Royal Marines, with my life long ambition being to fly. I am really hoping to do something different and exciting with my time between now and then.

I am highly dedicated to staying fit, and I have to train hard for the Royal Marines with gym, running, swimming, cycling and rowing being my main daily activities. I would say I am a funny down to earth guy who enjoys a thought provoking debate with anyone but can be just as content reading a book or drifting between my own thoughts. I like to be creative and enjoy playing guitar and drums and have a passion for any kind of music, I like my food and would love to learn some culinary skills too. I am a diligent and conscientious worker but can also be creative and enjoy drawing and finding solutions to any problem. I really am open to anything and just want to learn some new skills and spend my time working hard to make it the most productive and eye opening 7 months of my life so far.

I come from the UK and have up until now been studying my A levels and GCSE's at a well regarded college. I got 8 A*'s, 2A's and 2B's at GCSE and A levels in Physics, Design Technology, Maths and Business Studies.

I have worked in any spare time since the age of 13 and always appreciate that hard work and perseverance pays off and the sense of independence and elation a challenge overcome can reward you with.

Regards, Josh.

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