A lover of life, an enthusiast of our Earth, and a cultural connoisseur, at 20 years young, I, Julia, have come to realize how many incredible opportunities there are abroad and have come to realize that my time to travel, my time to meet new friends, and my time to share my knowledge while simultaneously learning more about life and myself, has finally come!

I am currently completing my third year of university at the University of British Colombia. I am taking courses in many different fields (such as International Relations, Economics, Anthropology, Environmental Ethics, Sports Managment etc) and since I pay for all of my schooling, have decided to take a bit of a break from an institutionalized academia and instead am hoping to find exactly what I want to do in life while I am abroad.

Paulo Cohelo once said “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” This resonates with me because for quite some time now I have wanted to get out of Western society that seems to be so fixated on various gizmos, gadgets, and other tangible goods. I find nowadays that many North Americans are losing their perception of how beautiful simplicity is, and with that, how beautiful life is. This is why I want to immerse myself in new cultures around the world, get my hands dirty, and help others in anyway that I can, while also gaining so much insight about life, about people, about our planet, and about myself.

Although only being alive for 2 decades, I’ve been told I am an old soul who is extremely hard working, dedicated, and goal oriented. I love to work and I love to play! I am quite adaptable to many situations and find I always rise up to the challenge. I am a strong believer of people, at any point in their lives, being capable to do whatever they dream of – I for one am a big dreamer and know that I have lots to offer and lots to accomplish!

I’m said to have a permanent smile on my face and one who always can find the good in any situation. I am adventurous, inquisitive, like to let loose but know when it’s necessary to crunch down to do work. I am a good listener and never am one to put my problems on other people. The universe fascinates me and I can look up at the stars all night. The hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle in big cities intrigues me but not as much as what is out there in the great and wild outdoors!

I can guarantee good laughs, great work, and an even better friendship!

Let's make memories ♥


Those that are coming to either Toronto/ B.C., please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I'd love to give you my recommandations/insight and also even meet up with you if I am still in Canada to personally show you around, swap stories, and explore!

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