I grew up on a horse ranch in Los Angeles, CA. Very easy going and love to laugh. My hobbies include surfing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, firefighting, and eating amazing food. I have many useful and not-so useful skills. Damn good travel partner.

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glothy Hi. I'd really like to get a Triumph cruiser. Something just under 1000cc so it's not too difficult to handle but has enough kick to get me through. Not got a budget in mind for that yet but would also look to buy a bike in the US
Trip | Latin America 2012
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8 years ago
JTGOLDBERG Hey Glothy, Ive been riding for a while and wanted to let you know that for first time riders there is a weekend class through the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) and I promise you, they will teach you trix on how to be a very good defensive rider. I highly recommend it! Pura Vida
7 years ago
Todd Would love to do a course like that. We got our learner's license before leaving home, then rode a lot in Thailand, but would love to do a big trip and feel confident. Are you planning a bike trip on a bike? Have you seen those Ewan McGregor documentaries about riding around the world?
7 years ago
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