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I am 26, living in North Dorset. I have been working and saving up for travelling since November last year, and have now left my job and looking to go travelling sometime this summer. Not sure how long for yet, but as long as possible really, although I still want to have a good time, I'd rather spend a little bit more and do everything I want to do, than budget too much.

I currently would like to visit the whole world, but top of my list is definitely Thailand, I also want to see Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. If I could I would also like to stop in America on my way back, possibly LA and/or New York.

I had planned my travels with a friend, but she is now away until January and I don't want to hold off until then.

If anyone is thinking about visiting the same places in July/August/September/October this year, then please get in touch as it would be great to have someone to travel with, even if only for part of the trip.

Katie :) x

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Katie 26

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