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Hi ya, My name is Katie. Im 27 years old and from Bournemouth. Im currently working full-time as a Programmes Administrator at Bmth Uni, ive been there for 3.5 years now however i have been working as an administrator for about 7 years overall. My plan is to continue working and saving until i go abroad and hopefully go about July/August 2012. Im not sure how long to go for, i suppose it depends how long my money lasts.. I would like to go to Thailand for at least 3 weeks, New Zealand for maybe a month, Australia im not sure how long, and also Fiji for a week or two. Again this is just a rough idea im sure it will all change when i get there.. I would prefer not to work but i would consider it if the funds got low..
This time last year i was already planning the trip with 2 friends but unfortunately it fell through so at present im going alone unless i can find someone on here who wants to do the same.. I would like to find someone who has simelar outlook and interests to me; as im sure you do too.. It would be good to chat and maybe even meet up..
Im a fun happy positive person, who wants to travel the world and see countries ive always dreamt of visiting, id like to experience different cultures, meet new friends, learn, try different foods, try some local activities, go to parties and to spend time relaxing and having a bit of time to myself (this trip is a personal journey for me too).

If this sounds like something you want to do as well then please get in touch, i would like to hear from you :-) Thanks, Katie

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Katie Huey
Katie Huey Hi Marcia, I want to go to the same places but instead of south america - Fiji. I also want to go in July/August time. Im not sure if ill be away for a whole year though.. as im not planning to work.. Who knows if my savings dont last that long i might have to.. We could always do Thailand together, as thats the one place im dying to go to but not alone... Take a look at my page if you like ive put some info on there. Katie x
Marcia stacey
Marcia stacey Hi Katie sounds great have you progressed any further yet.
5 years ago
Katie Huey
Katie Huey Hi Katrina, im also 27 and live in Bournemouth. Seems we are in the same boat, always wanted to go, decided this is the year and no one to go with. I want to go to thailand, australia, new zealand and fiji.. not sure about hawaii or USA on this trip but we could do most of it together.. I will look forward to hearing from you. Katie :)
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6 years ago
Katie Huey
Katie Huey Hi Tiger, Im looking at going to the same sort of places as you.. Hadnt previously considered India but starting to warm to the idea now.. I was thinking of going in July or August 2012 but maybe thats too early for when you want to go.. I would hold out until November but im keen to go asap and once i have my £5k.. Be good to chat, also have a look at my page as ive put some info on there. Thanks Katie :-)
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