Hello fellow explorers!!
My name is Kayla. 24, soon to be 25, and eager to grasp the world at my fingertips. Moved to Oslo, Norway last November to nanny four little kids and have better access to my travel aspirations. I feel like I'm living in my dreams.. My Mary Poppins time will be coming to an end before the holidays of 2012, at which point I will return home to Seattle, Washington. (Can't wait to see my mom! lol ) I need to nurture my travel bug as much as possible before then and I plan to go out big ..
A two month long backpacking excursion through greater Europe. (Ireland, London, Spain, Greece, Amsterdam, Germany .. whatever I can arrange.) I plan to travel via eurorail global pass. Since this is a rather long journey and aupairing hasn't exactly nurished my bank account, I'm doing this cheap. Staying free when possible and in cheap hostels. But I hope that will leave a little wiggle room for some spontaneity. I have yet to solidify anything and maybe it will stay that way, traveling by the edge of my seat. Just seeing if there are any others who want to join in my msadventures. (Check out my blog.. www.msadventures.blog.com)

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Kayla Im planning a two month travel myself in sept/october, with a ton of the same destinations in mind.
Kayla Hey check out my game plan! I think we're thinkin' alike..
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