I am the marketing manageress for Tin Tin Tours. We are based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania. I have been working in the tourism industry in Tanzania for the past 18 years. Kindly contact me for any information you may require to help you plan your safari to Tanzania.

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GoRoadTrippin Hey Sophia! I've been dreaming of a trip like this, I would love to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. I actually can also help with booking and finding a local guide to help us out. I'm a travel writer and I've been doing some work with Safari Africa Adventures - I work with Eliya Tumaini, an AMAZING local guide (you can check him and his last company, Nature Bound Africa on TripAdvisor). They have great treks up Kiliminjaro (, and since I've been collaborating with them, I'm sure I could get something like a 5% discount as well.

Anyway, let me know if you're still planning a trip, my schedule is pretty flexible, though the summer months are better for me generally.

Abraham Wilson
Abraham Wilson I'm travel to Tanzania on October, for Mount Kilimanjaro and safari. I prefer Marangu route and I will have a Safari for 6days (Seringeti,Ngorongoro,Tarangira, and Manyara. I will travel with TAI TRAVELLERS company, I received good recommandation from my friend Angel who took this. Anyone interested , you are welcome!! Website:
10 months ago
Kilimanjaro TAI TRAVELLERS are not partners with KPAP and IMEC so make sure your crew get paid the government recommended salaries
9 months ago
christineleeann Hey! I'm planning on doing a huge world travel excursion in the fall of 2014. I would love to incorporate this or have people join me as well!
JungleExplorers hello christineleeann, kindly visit we will assist in organizing your trip in Tanzania and offer you a best service ever.
2 years ago
Kilimanjaro Hi Christine Email me for more info. I have over 18 years experience of living and working in Tanzania in the safari industry. My email address is: Can you give you some great advice. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Gail
2 years ago
Dieded Dead
Dieded Dead lets go
2 years ago
BeckyBeck Sounds interesting!!! When do you plan to start and where??
2 years ago
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