doing what we all talk about doing. I am 26 and discovered im not getting any younger. I have always wanted to travel and final reliezed " what am i waiting for ?" So here i go ! Traveling around thailand, krabi prov, and ???... lookking for fun, easy to get along with people who are looking for a similar adventure, to meet up with or even just start out with. i love hiking , meditating, adventure, exploring, culture, food , and fun ! i want to leave november/dec 2010 , return date not sure- but i am planning on staying at least 3 months

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krabisteph hello, do you have any idea around when you will be in thailand ? i am leaving nov/dec - and staying for around 3 months or so.
kevnlf Hi, i expect to still be in Thailand early November - I will be staying around SE Asia for the same time priod as you
8 years ago
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