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Ataube I plan to climb kili around mid sept. the full moon is on sept 19( I really want to summit during that) sept is supposed to be one of the better times weather wise also! I will be by myself and am looking for some amazing people to venture with! I will be in South Africa for two weeks before kili:). If anyone wants to try and travel together let me know!
scubadm79 Ataube- I am currently putting a trip together that will be right around that time... We are looking at going on the Lemosho route. I am talking to guide company right for the arrangments. So far it will be myself as well as another buddy of mine and of course any others that would like to join. If you are interested send me a PM and I can get your some more details.
1 year ago
Krishna Hi Atuabe, I am planning exactly same time. I am taking Machame route and want to summit on the full moon night. Let me know if we can talk. I will be flying from the East Coast to JRO
11 months ago
Ben Grabowski
Ben Grabowski Hey everyone. Your trips sound amazing and I would love to join if anyone is up for it. Please email me at Ben Grabowski
10 months ago
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