my name is Kyle, I'm 25yrs old and I live in the US. I've worked at the same dead end job for the last 7yrs since I graduated HS and I think it's time for a change. I want to sail around the world visiting as many places as I can with the limited budget that I know I will have. I just want that wow factor, the feeling of living on edge, that nervousness and excitement feeling all mixed into one. I am an adventurer at heart and going on the internet and looking at boats and dreaming about it just can't cut it anymore. Money is my only obstacle, it always is right? My plan is to save for a year or more and then make my move. I found this site and had to sign up and see if there's anyone else out there looking for the same thing.

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What is the main source of energy in France?

Trivia: What is the main source of energy in France?


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