Addicted to outdoor music festivals, long boarding, traveling the world solo, rock climbing, & cute boys. In love with my friends, beer, my backpack, and spontaneous, chill inducing adventure.

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LaraM Very interested in joining! Please keep me posted!
1000 Mile Journeys
1000 Mile Journeys Lara can you email me @ and I will send details
6 years ago
LaraM I head to Bangkok at the beginning of September. I plan to do a ton of volunteering in several of the countries there for the year. Lets keep in touch and tackle some of the local transport together.
Sanne So we'll arrive at the same time then. I'm quite curious about the political situation in sept. My plans kind of depend on that. Besides that I'm all flexble.
7 years ago
Shane I arrive in Bangkok in th middle of august and want to do some volunteering as well as rock climbing. Let's meet up!
7 years ago
Mark_Lester We have about 25 people who say they are coming. I suspect t will be closer to single figures but we'll find out in October when we need to book. If you like the concept but think 2 weeks is a just too stupid, you might like to tag along for a shorter section, the Assam bit, especially north of the Brahmaputra, will be an adventure in itself. I have a blog about the trip here
Todd Wow, amazing trip Mark. This is what Globetrooper is all about, epic and unique journeys such as this. It will be interesting to see the final numbers. I'm sure there'll be a handful of travellers on GT interested.
8 years ago
LaraM Be super aware of canceled trains...I was on one last week that was canceled 100KM into the trip. We still had 500KM to go and had to hire a car.
7 years ago

Mark_Lester shit can happen, there are no guarantees
we ddnt just cook this up in an afternoon. the trains we are getting are almost all premium services and I've been monitoring them all for about 8 months now. Indian trains are, in general. not as bad as their image. despite all the usual problems this yea, strikes, fog, rain etc., our trains would have still got us round!.
Right now though, it's monsoon time, the west coast line is in serious shit right now. If you are going from kerala to bombay on something you could book at a few days notice then things could go very wrong.
we have chosen this particular time to travel cos it's the least likely to have any problems with rains or fog.
also, we've taken quite a bit of care, and will take a bt more, working out if stuff goes wrong, how we can get back on schedule etc. But as long as we get onto the train out of delhi then everyone will have had a bloody good ride for their money even if we dont get back to Kolkata in time to get the train south.
The konkan line (west coast) wold be our last train anyway, so if it gets to bombay stupid late it's not an issue.

7 years ago
LaraM I will be in India July 21st till Sept volunteering. I'm in for Oktoberfest! Sounds great! Keep me updated on your plans and add me on FB My email is
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