Im in for any adventure. I am an office administrator. However, I have always been an adventure seeker. I didn't choose many prefered actitivities because although I've always wanted to do a little bit of everything I have never had the chance to do it. I find myself in a much more comfortable economic position to start going out there and trying new things. I wouldnt call myself an expert in any one thing though I hope to be improving my outdoor skills. Ill probably want to start off slow traveling looking for great food and mostly sightseeing. But I do hope to work my way up to full on adventure mode!!

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Colin Hi all, let me know if anyone under 25, guy or gal is interested in joining my buddy and I on a trip to Spain. We are both 23 year old guys who love to travel and we're interested in meeting new people.
Trip | 2 weeks in Espana
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4 years ago
Laura Im a 25 yr gal never been backpacking and looking for people to teach me!! I cant go out for to long I have a job I gotta get back to. But a two week trip is perfect. Looking for trustworthy and fun people. Really love to go to Spain I am also spanish speaking....
3 years ago
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