I am a 20 year girl from the UK and I can honestly say all i have ever wanted to do is see every inch of our beautiful planet!
The only problem being that none of my friends are in the position to do so, which is where you guys come in i hope!
I dont feel ready to go it alone just yet.

This feels like such a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, while sharing incredible experiences.

I am an easy going, fun loving optimist and any suggestions you may have just throw them my way!

I am hoping to have saved a decent amount of money by September 2012 so anything after that! I am so looking forward to meeting exciting, like-minded people :)

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Lenny This sounds almost identical to what I would love to do!! but unfortunately I would be unable to go until a couple of months later :( good luck with your trip and any hints or tips or anything please throw them my way as I am just a little bit clueless!
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7 years ago
Lenny Hi SK i can see that you already have a lot of travel partners on here but if you're looking for any more then this sounds ideal for me!
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