I am seeking to Join others in a trip from the UK to South Africa overland/driving. I can meet you in the UK or France. I am looking for early 2015. I can travel for at least a year, or longer and once I reach South Africa I will be traveling on to Tanzania and Serengeti (you could too!). Retired RN that does no mind roughing it / camping for a great visit to Africa. Not so much interested in 'city" hopping....know we would have to stop in some, but, more interested in the wild Africa and animal viewing. if you are looking for another travel companion for a driving tour through Africa, please, contact me.

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LindaBassRN If you are still looking for people...I am interested in at least some of the trip. My main interest is meeting up with someone in the UK or France and going on into Africa and go from north Africa to South Africa. I can take a year if needed. Let me know your thoughts on that. I am looking at heading out in early 2016 if anyone is looking for another travel partner. Especially anyone doing a driving tour.
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