little miss sunshine

I'm a Malaysian Chinese, therefore I have slightly bigger eyes! I came to Germany to pursue my tertiary education.
I enjoy seeing new things and meeting new people.
I do not have a bomb-shell body like Gisele or neither like Oprah. I'm moderate and decent looking.
I'm easily excited and bubbily cranky. I'm a hopeless optimist and a crazy enthusiast.

I smile. I laugh. I care. I love. I heart. I hug. That's the core of my life.

I love people to be happy to see me, to smile at me, to hug me and I want people to know they matter to me.
After all, what's life without love and what's love without people. I truly enjoy life as it is a gift.

I'm simple a person who still believes in genuineness and thoughtfulness of people.

I might not know everything in the world,

but I want to know you!

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little miss sunshine
little miss sunshine hello there, i'm currently doing my travels in North India. me and my friend will be visiting the places mentioned from 20th of August. i'll be in Jaipur from the 28th onwards... let's see if it fits! cheers!
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little miss sunshine

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