Hi I'm Lizzy. About to graduate college and looking for an awesome summer seeing Europe before work starts. I'm planning on traveling with my sister, but also looking to see the sites, have lots of adventures, and meet some awesome people :) Message or email me if you're interested in a similar trip!

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Lizzy Hi! My sister and I are traveling around Europe throughout May and hopefully will still be lingering in June. If anybody is interested in meeting up earlier, please let me know!
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4 years ago
BrookeMcI Hey, I plan on traveling through europe in may and june, I have created a trip on here, check it out :)
3 years ago
Lizzy Hi! This sounds similar to what I would like to do post-grad. My sister and I are planning on going in early May and hanging out for a few weeks (ideally six, but probably will only be able to stay about a month). Let me know if you're interested in meeting up anywhere along the way!
Nate I will be flying into Paris on May 15th if you would like to meet up in Paris that would be great! After that I'm headed to Amsterdam and then the rest of the trip is open ended :)
4 years ago
Lizzy Will anybody be heading over earlier? I will be there for at least most of May, maybe a bit into June also. Let me know if so!
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