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Loxoadventure Hey friends! I welcome you for all who plan to climb Kilimanjaro, just check out our website www.loxoadventure.co.tz and for more information just contact us direct through info@loxoadventure.co.tz. I plan to climb Kilimanjaro March, if you would like to join me your most welcome.

1. Be properly equipped
An essential part of your preparation will be to ensure that you are well equipped for your summit attempt.
2. Be physically prepared
It is important that your body is adequately prepared for the physical challenges of Mount Kilimanjaro.
3. Mental preparation
This should be uppermost in your mind when preparing for the summit attempt. You should always remain in a positive state of mind, but not too arrogant. Try to anticipate various different scenarios, which you may possibly encounter on the mountain and try to work out the most suitable course of action, mentally by yourself or even as a group.
4. Adequate travel insurance
Make sure that you have adequate travel and medical insurance, which will also provide you with cover for the climb up Kilimanjaro.
5. On The Mountain - Go slowly
Go slowly - "Pole Pole" as they say in Swahili! This is also very important during your first days of climbing. Even if you feel well, slow down and enjoy the scenery. The biggest cause of altitude sickness is ascending too high too fast! The slower you hike to more time you give your body to acclimatize.
6. Drink enough water
Make sure that you drink at least 3 - 4 liters of liquid a day - preferably water. For your first day it is recommended that you take along fresh water, which may be purchased. Try to get the bottles with the screw tops, this way you will also have containers in which to take water further up the mountain. Running water on the mountain is safe to drink from day-2 onwards, but care should still be taken. If you are not used to fresh water in nature, prevent any inconvenience by using water purification tablets. REMEMBER! A functioning "body water balance" is one of the keys to a successful climb!
7. Walk high - sleep low
If possible and especially on your acclimatization day "walk high - sleep low" Try to do a short evening meander to a higher altitude and then descend to sleep at the camp at a lower altitude. This is essential on your acclimatization day.

8. Climb light
Climb as lightly as possible; this becomes even more important on your summit night. Extra weight will slow you down and will also make breathing more difficult.
9. Clothing
You will require the correct underwear, thermal hiking socks, gloves (preferably mittens), warm head protection, rain coat, sunglasses and sun protection cream. Also remember your hiking boots, hiking/running shoes (it is not necessary to walk with boots or climbers shoes until the last sections where scree and rocks are encountered), and very importantly, a walking stick / ski-pole. One of the most critical items of clothing is an outer jacket. You want it to perform the functions of keeping you warm, protect you at temperatures of as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius, keep the wind out and yet still "breath". Try to avoid tight fitting clothing or underwear. This will hamper circulation, causing either cold or discomfort on the mountain. A balaclava is a must, as it will protect your face against cold, wind, sun and snow. Other clothing like shorts, sweaters and T-shirts are strongly recommended, especially during hiking on the lower slopes, when the day temperatures are still high.
For More information you may contact me: loxoadventure@yahoo.com

Loxoadventure Hello! Anyone who plan to climb Kilimanjaro, please contact me. Am professional guide used to climb Kilimanjaro every time, i have high experience in mount climbing. If you really need to accomplish your dreams come true, you may find me here for more information: loxoadventure@yahoo.com Chua Enjoy your holiday
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