Hey everyone! I'm a graduate student looking to take off some time during the summer and explore a bit before I get bogged down with the real world. I'm interested in art, wine, music, theater, beer, and food! I can't wait to immerse myself in culture, meet new folks and have a grand adventure!

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Lrae Around two months total. I have a friend in London I was planning on hanging with for a bit. Nothing planned in terms of dates. I would like to hit running with the bulls and a few festivals but am pretty flexible otherwise.
DaveJAFA Hi Lrae, have you booked your flights yet? I'm in the process but I'll give you a better idea of what I'm doing soon. So far I think I'll be getting to London around the 18th of May
6 years ago
Lrae Hey there. I'm planning on learning spanish in guatemala for two months, then traveling through central america. I am looking to see who I might meet up to travel with for a month or so. Did you have a set route you're considering?
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7 years ago
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