hi, i'm a 28 year old guy from argentina, and i'm bored sick with my life, so i ended up here filling this. i have the idea of getting away of it all and organise a round the world trip (don't know if 6, 9 or 12 months yet, leaving no earlier than aug 2011). if you are on a similar position, contact me via email, would really like to see if i can find a partner before i decide to fly solo.

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Marcos_ARG Hi Olly, mi name is Marcos i'm from Argentina. I'm also planning a rtw trip for more or less the same dates as yours, and haven't decided yet if i have the balls to do it on my own, so i started googling for "rtw trip partners" and i ended up here. don't know if you are looking exclusively for people from your country, but if you're not, let me know. my dates and destinations are also flexible, i have some pre-picks, but they're just that.
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