Hi, my name is Marius, I'm 20 years old, I live in Switzerland and I'm looking to backback/interrail around europe (preferably eastern europe) for a month or so in august or september 2014.

My experiences with this sort of thing are rather limited, since I've never backpacked nor "interrailed" before, but how hard can it be?
I'm looking for some people who are also keen on traveling Europe (with or without experience =) ) to team up with.

I'm not having any precise plans on the route as yet, nor will I ever, probably. I prefer to "go with the flow" (as do many others on this site apparently :)
The only thing I know is that I certainly want to visit Poland.

So if anyone else has similar plans, please get in touch!

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Marius hi there, If you plan to visit eastern Europe as well, I'd love to join you in August.
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