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MarkC Hi have sent a message, i'm a lone traveller looking for a place to stay for 3 nights or so and hoping to catch a match - if you have space please send me a message, thanx,
MarkC Hi, I'm travelling on my own at the mo' (waiting on friend from New Zealand to confirm). Looking to base in Rio from June 23 - July 14 ; hoping to meet up with anyone to keep costs down and company :-)
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1 year ago
Alice Barros
Alice Barros Im from Belo Horizonte and I'm guiding tourists here. If you're interested we can talk about it and maybe I can show you the city!
4 months ago
MarkC Hi, looking to travel (probably on my own between) June 23-July 14 based in Rio (flexible) any advice on accommodation, meets or safety gratefully received. Cheers :-)
sean hey dude .. we booked through in one of the backpackers in copecabana. advise to stay in groups and dont show off ur valuables or dont show that u r a tourist. keep in touch
12 months ago
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