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Marwa I'd love to join you guys, sounds like a great idea! I also live in Germany (in Heidelberg), I am also in for making it earlier if possible. It'd be great if you confirm the dates and send me an email :)
Shameem Hi,I'm looking for a travel partner . I'm open to visit pretty much anywhere within my budget and time. Send me a message on or email me at . I am on Facebook . if you are interested.
4 years ago
Marwa I see you already started your trip, but I llive in Europe too (Germany) and I decided to go on a trip spontaneously. I'd love to join you, can you send me your trip route and tell me how to reach you?
Marwa Hi Paige! I know this is last moment, but I am also interested to join your trip. I always wanted to backpack across Europe and my friends are lazy. I am an Egyptian that lives in Germany, I am 23 though but young in spirit ;) Can you contact me for details?
Trip | Month in Europe
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5 years ago
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Trivia: The high-tech centre of India is which city?