I'm planning on embarking on a few road trips over the next few years before it's time I should settle a little. First off the States/Canada. I'd also like to trek South/Central America, Europe, Asia, possibly Africa, Australia/New Zealand. But first things first lets get planning for the US.

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Travel - Photography - Sunsets - Camping - Walking - Music - Art - Sushi - Cultures - Road trips - Tattoo's - DIY -Mountains - Cooking - Sport - Reading Concerts - Adventures - Dali - Mysteries - Martial Arts - Independent Film

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donteverlookback.com We are planning to be in the USA in late June/early July next year. If you're near the west coast during that time frame let us know - we might like to tag along for a few days or longer.
mi22cynical That would be great. I'm following you guys on twitter so we can stay in touch. Happy planning - Leah
8 years ago
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