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Vicktoria Hi everyone! Are you still looking for travel partners for your group? This is exactly what I had in mind:)!!
RWUgirl Hi! I have a small group going on facebook and we are developing a list on googledrive of all the places we want to go/see for now and we are also working on a route to take. Two of us are from the States and are planning to fly out from NYC starting in Ireland around June 15th since I finish work June 13th. if you are interested, let me know! The more, the merrier!
1 year ago
Jorge Helloo... how are you? I am also intereted in travel to Europe summer 2014...if you would like another partner let me know ( it seems you already have it planned) ... I would like to join you or hear your plans ... :)
10 months ago
Bobby RWHgirl, are you heading a group as well?? I just returned from Manchu Picchu and want to do Europe next... let me know if you have a plan and if I could join.
9 months ago
Niall Hey! How are you? I am looking to join trip this summer. If you are still looking for people, let me know! I would be keen.
7 months ago
Mon_V Hi, I am also interested in some travel partners for backpacking around Europe probably from June onwards - open ended at this stage and may at the end look to work in England. I'm an Aussie girl, 26! let me know your plans :)
6 months ago
Lynsey Hello, This sounds great! I am 22, from Scotland and looking to travel Europe via rail this summer. I am happy to travel alone, but would love to meet up and share the trip with you guys. I'm pretty easy going and open to suggestions on where to travel. Let me know your plans! Thanks! :)
6 months ago
Mon_V I'm not 100% sure how this works, but still keen to do this trip and even do some work maybe in the greek islands. I would probably like to go for over 2 months.
Mon_V Hey there, I too am interested in this type of trip. I'm open to locations but really just looking to leave in June 2014 and see more of the world. I too am open to working and want to stay at cheap accom with an active trip. I'm from Sydney and would like to hear more of what you have planned. Cheers
JustAGirlWhoLovesToTravel Hey there! Are you planning to go around Latin America? Check my trip out -
9 months ago
Mon_V hi there, this trip sounds awesome. I'd be keen to learn more
Mon_V Hi, I'm from Australia and am interested in your trip. I would probably like to start earlier though around Jun 2014
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11 months ago
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