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Monica I have a partner, and we have a car. Now all we need is to get some fundrasing started so we can make it all the way down. Finally!
Ian [EagerExistence]
Ian [EagerExistence] damn, i would have loved to come. good luck!
6 years ago
Monica That sounds like a great trip, I suggest you try on hitch-hiking and as you know which cities to visit you should try couch surfing, then you get free and personal sightseeing with locals :) Wish I could go with you, but I have to work during that period.
Lauren Great idea Monica, sounds like an exhilarating trip. I remember the Paris-Dakar Rally got re-located to South America a few years ago because it was too dangerous going through West Africa. I've always wanted to do it since I saw the Charley Boorman documentary on doing the Dakar race on a motorbike. Not sure if I can do this year though...
Monica Well if plans change and you can come with, just let me know :)
7 years ago
Monica Due to the lack of time I've decided to change the trip. I'll go through west Africa when I don't have limited time.
Todd Wow, hitchhiking through the desert... that's going to be an experience of a lifetime. Would love to join you, but we're in Montreal for the next few months. Good luck.
Monica Thanks hey, Montreal isn't bad either. Have a good time!
8 years ago
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