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Mulligan Any updates on this? How should we take this further
Geeta Sharma
Geeta Sharma For details you can contact us at
8 years ago

abcdefghivan hey amy and mulligan, i'm planning on doing a similar trip for two months from about 6th july onwards. i want to go up the west coast from LA and i plan on going to a few of the same national parks and a few other different ones. i also want to try spending some time in some nice cities.

im thinking Guadalupe, Big Sur, San Fran, Point Reyes, Redwood, Portland, Seattle, Grand Coulee, Glacier, Flathead Lake, Hell's Canyon, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton.

from there i will probably want to head eastwards towards south dakota and the badlands and onwards. im down for a lot of camping, and have also couchsurfed a lot. i study in the US and can easily do the paperwork for getting a car, just looking for good company and people to share costs with. let me know if you wanna work something out!


Mulligan @abcdefghivan I am keen. However I am currently looking only for July 16-19 (4 days.) -- Let me know where I can meet you. @Amy: Let me know if you have any tentative plans for July 16-19
8 years ago
Amy abcdefghivan - I think your plan sounds pretty similar to what I am looking at doing. Lots of diferent national parks, camping, and some cities thrown in between. When will you be in the US? Mulligan - I plan to be up near San Francisco around July 12th to meet up with my Mum who will be there at the same time. I will be free after that though so possibly we could work something out? I'm going to be in LA from June 23rd - 28th. Perhaps the 3 of us could meet up for a beer, see if we get along and talk more about our plans and whether they would fit together. My email is and is probably the best way to contact me.
8 years ago
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