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nalor We are 25/ f, looking for a third person to join our June 1st-August 1st (maybe longer) trip in South America. Countries of interest include but are not limited to: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil Goals include: to be in nature, to camp as much as possible, to have a good time, to live modestly while pinching pennies, to meet some good people, to speak in Spanish, to not over plan and to make the best of any and all situations that may arise Boy scouts encouraged to apply.
Ian [EagerExistence]
Ian [EagerExistence] Sounds fantastic.
5 years ago
ntodd4u I'm 41/m interested in your tour.. my facebook nick is ntodd4u. email check out my background and email me back if i fit the discription for the trip
4 years ago
Elvin Toh
Elvin Toh I'm keen in this trip but has your schedule been fixed to June 1st to August 1st yet? As I'll be travelling in North America till around October, I am only likely to start South America around late October. Otherwise I think the destinations and mode of living sounds like something that I would definitely want!
4 years ago
visameplease Hey, I'm 21/f. I live in Texas. I'd like to join as well since this fits my time frame much nicer. I would rather go with you all versus by myself. If you want to know more about me, here is my skype: moasamoa
4 years ago
ruben Hi, I'm 35/m. I live in Barcelona and i will be in brazil this august. Send me a message if u want a partner:
4 years ago
Dionysios hello I am Dennis I am planning also to make a trip in South America starting from Argentina around the beginning of November here is also my itinerary: Is anyone interesting for this trip? 4 days ago
4 years ago
Lily Ng
Lily Ng Hi, I am Lily from Indonesia. I plan to go to Cusco, Peru on 20 June and Machu Picchu on 22 Jun 2013. After that, I will be traveling around Peru and Ecuador till Aug. Is anybody interested to join ? :)
3 years ago
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